Kids Clothes Week

kids clothes week day 1 spring 2013

I’m participating in Kids Clothes Week for the first time, and I’m SO excited!  KCW is where you commit to sewing kids clothing for at least 1 hour a day for an entire week.  You can make whatever you want, and it can be really simple, or more complicated depending on your sewing expertise (and believe me, mine will ALL be simple!).  I love making clothes for my kids, but it’s always one of those things I want to do more, but just don’t make the time.  For Day 1, I chose to make Gemma a really really simple high-low crop top out of some vintage fabric I’ve had for awhile.  I didn’t use a pattern or tutorial, but just made things up as I went along:)

I will be posting more of my sewing projects later this week!  Wanna join in?  It’s not too late!

Stephanie May