Hiding out

{Lyrics from Sucre’s “Hiding Out”}

Kelli Murray recently wrote a guest post over at A Beautiful Mess on 5 Ways to Style a White V-Neck.  Since I’ve been wanting to try different things with the simple shirt lately, I was stoked.  My favorite look of Kelli’s was this one:

I have a kimono top almost exactly like the one she is wearing in this, but with my jewelry today, I didn’t want there to be too much going on so I kept it a little more simple.  I will definitely be trying some of the other tips she gave – I love how versatile she made a simple white t-shirt.

I’m doing a little ‘hiding out’ this weekend.  I don’t have anything in my planner and I want to keep it that way.  I have been SO busy recently, I need a relaxed weekend to just do whatever I feel like on a whim…the only exception is that I must mow my lawn this weekend.  Blast.

Also – is Stephanie killing anyone else with her amazing Instagrams of London??  Jealous..