A bird hit my car.

I’m clipping along at 65 mph this morning on my way to work, minding my own business – and a bird comes out of nowhere and hits my windshield.  It just barely didn’t clear the top of my car.  For a split second I wasn’t quite sure what it was – but the poof of feathers in my rear-view mirror and the object spiraling out of control tipped me off.  It was sad.

I hate seeing dead animals in the road.  I am definitely a full-on-break-swerve-out-of-the-way person when a squirrel or prairie dog crosses my path.  Now cats…?  Those I speed up for.  {I kid, I kid…sorta}.  Anyway, I think my hand shot up to my mouth when the bird hit and I felt sad.  But then I got angry.  What the crap was the bird doing flying that close?!  How could it swoop down that low, when I’m sure it knows by now that there are these man-made contraptions that kill all it’s kinfolk?  I kept picturing it being a momma bird and it’s little babies being in the nest – not knowing where their food is.  Then my mind goes to the baby birds asking random animals, “Are you my mother?”…you see where I’m going with this.  I can’t stop the mind people, it just goes there.  So, stay away from my car you things that fly!  If you were a squirrel I could avoid you, but if you fly right into my path – there is nothing that can be done.  I am passing the blame.

Time for another “Learning” sesh from the past few weeks.  What I have learned:

Stripes are lovely, and I like them a lot / I drink copious amounts of Starbucks which results in way too many cups being thrown out when I finally clean out my car.

My kitchen nook remodel is so fun and I can’t wait to share it with you / I can go any day without wearing make-up, but the second I don’t have any nail polish on, I feel naked.

I think my face in this photo was inspired by Amélie / Painting my nails is one of my favorite early morning activities while drinking coffee.

Sometimes I am lame and cut myself on stupid things…like packing tape dispensers / I am thankful that the person who spilled coffee on the side of my car while I was shopping tried to wipe it off but….you spilled coffee on my car.  ??

My new photo area for our Etsy shop is so much easier / Starbucks really can make any crappy day better, especially if it’s free.

New outfits are fun to go to concerts in / Churchill puts on a GREAT show.

My yard in the Spring is so pretty and green / Trying new lip gloss is fun lately…again, free is always better (thanks Steph!).

Freshly groomed Saber smells so nice / Coffee and nails…does anyone else see a pattern?

Movies are so much better after the staff cleans the smudge off the projector / sometimes I try to be really pensive in photos…did I succeed?

And finally, I am excited to pull my sandals out for Spring!

What are your favorite Springtime activities?