Etsy picks: Shoe parade

Hello Monday.  Before you continue reading this post, look down at your shoes and ask yourself this:  “Are my feet feeling special today?”, because this week’s picks are all about decorating your feet.

May’s Etsy picks:


Hand painted.

I desire to wear these while not working out.

These hand made heels are wondrous.  You are able to use ribbon to wrap through the shoe and around your foot to create endless looks.  Brilliant.

Hand painted.

(ruffle shoes from SoftSpoken, knitted flats by Broken Hallelujah, grey and gold boots by Crafttastrophe, halston pumps by deer heart vintage, red high tops by Cheeky Vintage Closet, grey bow boots by Prance and Swagger, fringe spats by BagavondBags, handmade ribbon heels by mohop, hand painted clock heels by Cocopunkz)

Dae’s Etsy picks:

These flats look so comfy.  I LOVE everything from HydraHeart, she makes awesome shoes!

I am seriously contemplating buying a pair of these


The bow in the back is definitely the best part about these cute shoes

The hand painted lace and stitching is so good it doesn’t look like paint at all



I want to wear these while I explore Europe on a vespa.

(Keyhole flats by HydraHeart, Faux Croc skin from Porcelain Rag, Zipper ruffle from The Tattered Flower, Woven bootie from Gracyani, Woven leather from In Her Nest, Dots and stripes from Repaperie, Leather and lace boots from Scholarly Articles, Shades of summer by Lucy Peach Slice, Oxford flats from Goldenponies)