Wish I was there

Guess where I want to be this weekend??  The Renegade Craft Fair is happening on Saturday and Sunday in Chicago!  Have you ever been to one?  I have yet to attend one of these fabulous events, and that makes me sad…I’m thinking  that us MayDae girls would fit right in…don’t you?  They really need to start having them in Denver every year and ASAP.  Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Yesterday was Tristan’s b-day!  It was a good day with lots of time, and LOTS of eating out (and consquently, lots of calories).  I sure do love that guy – he’s pretty cool:)

I took this photo of us at lunch – he’s cute:)

Got anything fun planned for this weekend?  *and if you tell me that you are going to Renegade, I might just throw a hissy fit!


Stephanie May*