Love actually is…

Seeing as how it’s after midnight, today is our parents 30th wedding anniversary!  30 YEARS!!!  Holy heck, that is a long time!


Aren’t they the cutest?!  My parents are honestly two of the coolest people I know.  Both gifted in words, they write the BEST tributes to their children on birthdays and everyday life in general.  Any creative bone in my body definitely came from them and my love for music…yeah, that too.

My momma, so pretty – just like today.

30 years ago today, my mom said yes to my dad – and I am here because of it.  I am reminded daily of the blessing of being part of this family.  This crazy, loving, sarcastic, creative, compassionate, loud and amazing family – and I have my parents to thank for that.  I can only hope that when I get married someday, my love story will make even a small impact on other people like my parents love and marriage has impacted so many.

My parents are my go-to people.  I call them to ask about car problems, gardening, cooking, carpentry, relationships and Biblical truths.  They are wise, caring and giving.  I’m pretty sure if I called my parents house late at night(needing anything), my mom would be up to talk – and if I called early in the morning before work, my dad FOR SURE would be.  They are always available to their children and want nothing more than what is best for us.  I would say that’s the case for any parent, but unfortunately it’s not – and fortunately for me…it is true for mine.  See?…blessed.

Because of the music festival next weekend that our whole family is involved in, we aren’t able to celebrate with a big party for my parents right now – we plan to in the Fall…but the sibs and I wanted to do something for them on this VERY special occasion – so we all(minus our brother who couldn’t make it) gathered at my parents house at 11pm tonight to “decorate” for their big day.

In addition to decor, there were also cookies, dogs and frogs – okay it was actually a toad, but that doesn’t work with my rhyme

The Culprits…

Also…as a joke, as long as we were there – our sisters boyfriend was staying at our parents house last night and when he went in the house, we tagged his car too…which we thought would be funny, especially since he’s in the Army and has to drive to base early tomorrow morning.

No they aren’t engaged yet…we are just cool like this.

30 years and still  madly in love…seriously, it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes.  I can’t tell you how many times since I’ve moved out that I’ve heard them say to all of us kids to call before we come over now – because they may or may not be wearing clothes.  Yeah, I know you wanted to know that about as much as I did:)

We love you mom and dad and we are SO STINKIN ECSTATIC that you chose to spend your lives together, we all benefit from it and are better for it!

…all around.

Stormie Dae