& I will try to fix you

When I moved into my house in March – I had most large things already purchased.  I had a bed, couch, desks, vintage cabinets, etc.  What I failed to purchase before the big move were tools…of any kind.  Luckily, I have an amazing father who thought of that for me:

The day I signed my papers, he gave me a couple boxes of Christmas lights to get my collection started (if you know my dad, you know he does Christmas BIG)…and Christmas lights…are never lacking in his house.  Now they will never be lacking in mine either.

In addition to the extremely necessary Christmas lights, he also gave me this:

My very first toolbox – how exciting!  Really…so exciting!

The fact that it was filled with candy?  Just an added bonus.  Don’t worry though, I did actually get some real tools in there…as if you need anything more than candy, I mean – really!

Since the move, I have been slowly but surely purchasing more tools and home renovation necessities (boy, do I have a lot of big plans for me house!).  A couple of weeks ago, I met my dad at the store and he helped me figure out what kind of drill I wanted – it’s not a super spectacular model because I can’t break the bank on a power tool at the moment, but it will do what I need it to – and I can’t wait to use it!

Thanks dad for helping me with all of my crazy projects and being my go-to man for tool suggestions!

Also, I just realized today while sorting through photos that I have yet to post any photos from my home-buying experience and our move.  I will be doing that soon – there are some fun shots in there and since I plan to do a lot of renovating once my sister moves out, I want you to see before and after photos:)

Happy jump day friends!!

Stormie Dae