Realism on steroids…

Do you ever wonder how artists achieve such incredible realism in their work?  I do all the time…I know it takes practice, and I know I can’t really complain about my lack of artistic ability when it comes to sketching and painting – because the truth is, I’ve never taken the time to practice the craft.  But when I see the work of artists like Alexa Meade, I am absolutely blown away and it makes me wish I had taken more time in school to draw and paint.  Her technique is beautiful and looking at every brush stroke and shadow reveals how much time and passion she put into her work:

Isn’t it amazingly thought-provoking to look at her interpretation of these people?  Don’t you wonder what they have seen in their lives and what they are thinking in this exact moment?  I think I have a little hint for you as to why Alexa Meade is so good at bringing realism into her work…yeah, I’m actually positive that I do.  And I anticipate it being a little bit of a shocker to you, like it was to me.

Are you ready?  Good.

These are real people.

Let that sink in…and no, these are not just 2-d paintings of real people.  They are actual people…see for yourself:


There are no words…this is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.  Well done, Alexa, well done.