NYC: Sleeping and getting around.

As some of you know, Dae and I got to go to NYC last week for my birthday.  The trip was a surprise gift for me from my incredible husband, and I only found out about it 6 days before we were to depart.  This was my second trip to Manhattan, and this trip made me fall in love with it even more.  I would totally jump at the chance to live there, so let me know if you have a large vacant apartment (preferably on the Upper West Side) that we can rent for next to nothing.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

We stayed at a hostel in the West Village called The Jane Hotel which was built in 1908 and originally housed sailors in tiny, cabin-like rooms – how cool is that?  Yes, this also means that there was 1 bathroom per floor, so we were sharing toilets, sinks, and showers with all of the other women and men on the 4th floor.  Don’t fret, everyone was super nice and polite, and after the first day, we totally got used to hairy men in bathrobes walking in while we were brushing our teeth.

One of my favorite elements of the West Village were the brick lined streets; it’s something we never see in the Denver area.

See how small the rooms were?  There was a bed, TV, and ummm that’s it.  But it was perfect for us, because we were really only there at night.  Oh, and we each had our own room, so it’s not like we were sharing that teeny bed.

The stairwell had the prettiest wallpaper in Robin’s Egg Blue – the color in the photo didn’t come out quite right, but you can imagine it I hope.  Oh, funny story about the stairwell….there was an elevator…and we didn’t know that….until our last day there.  So we hoofed it up and down 4 flights of stairs everyday for no reason.  I know this complaint makes us sound super lazy but, believe me, we got enough exercise as it was!  We walked miles around the city, went up and down subway steps, and by the end of every day, the last thing we wanted to do was climb 4 flights of stairs.  Thank you to the concierge for telling us about the elevator when we arrived.

We traveled mostly by subway during our stay, but we took 1 taxi up to Times Square.  For the record, I think taxis are a major rip off.  10 blocks and $9 later, I had buyer’s remorse.

I much prefer the subway.

(All photos taken by MayDae)