Photo a Day

I love Instagram a lot lot lot.  I’ve been using it on my iPhone for about 7 months, and I post photos almost everyday (if you would like to follow me, my user name is:  stephanie_may ).  I love following friends and blog authors that I admire.  It’s so fun to see little glimpses into their daily adventures.

One of the people I follow is Miss James, and she invited us to participate in a Photo A Day Challenge.  The challenge is to post a photo on Instagram everyday in the month of January that goes along with this list of given parameters.  Since we are half way through the month already, I wanted to show you the first part of my progress:

Day 1:  You

Day 2:  Breakfast

Day 3:  Something you adore

Day 4:  Letterbox

Day 5:  Something you wore

Day 6:  Makes you smile

Day 7:  Favorite

Day 8:  Your sky

Day 9:  Daily routine

Day 10:  Childhood

Day 11:  Where you sleep

Day 12:  Closeup

Day 13:  In your bag

Day 14:  Something you’re reading

Day 15:  Happiness

Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos!  :)  I’ll be on Instagram tomorrow with Day 16:  Morning