Someone turned 7.

Sunday was Saber’s 7th birthday…she is now a middle-aged German Shepherd.  She just told me yesterday that she wants to dye her hair and buy a convertible.  The jury is still out on that one.

Now, I know you are all wondering – but let me assure you that I would never actually host a doggie party for her, that’s just silly.  I did do a few things just for fun though:

New toys of course.  And what dog doesn’t want a bone that is as long as their torso??  Saber has tried a few times to carry it around but it doesn’t quite work out…for obvious reasons.

Oh hey – so we’re taking more photos now?


Chicken and rice “cake” – she loved it.  *Oh and can I just say, the smell of wet dog food is NAST?  I mean, seriously.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.  Dogs and hats…not a good mix.  She kept this on for all of about 3 seconds, so this was literally 1 of 2 photos I got of her with it on.

The other family dogs joined in her celebration virtually.  Tuppy the puppy hasn’t had all of her shots yet, so we keep them apart for the majority of the time (also, I wouldn’t do a doggie party).  And Sandy, my parents dog, has a hate-hate relationship with Saber.  They uhhhhh, don’t really see eye-to-eye (pretty literally since Saber is twice her size).  Thus, they both stayed home, but donned a birthday hat in celebration.

Sandy the dog.  I had a few great photos of her but I couldn’t resist the bottom right…I have no idea what she was actually doing but I think she knew this was for Saber’s birthday…just sayin.

Tuppy the puppy was a great model, but I think her favorite part was chewing on the hat after she got it off.

*Yawn* – enough photos already.

Happy Birthday Sabes…you are kind of the best thing ever.