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I love photography and this page has some examples of photos I have taken.

Baby Oliver’s Newborn Photos

I’m an auntie again!  My newest nephew, Oliver Nils was born on March 2nd and I was incredibly lucky to be in the room when he arrived.  My sister asked me to take some newborn photos of him when he was 6 days old.  He…

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Silly Rabbit

Our Easter was a busy one, but we managed to squeeze in some family photos between church and a birthday party.  We had a bit of a time crunch, but once I found this black background, set up the camera on the tripod and clicked,…

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It’s all about the kiddos <3

I love taking photos, and taking photos of kids are by far my favorite thing to shoot.  I love their facial expressions and their honesty in how they are feeling in the moment.  And they’re just darn cute aren’t they?  Here’s a collection of some…

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For you, Dear

This week I’ve been cleaning out my closet.  Gathering together all of my shirts, pants, dresses, belts, pjs, coats, and everything else that doesn’t fit me anymore.  I filled 2 huge bags to the top, and then stood looking at it all.  It was a…

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Tredessa & Ryan’s Maternity Photos

I got to take my sister’s pregnancy photos last week, and these are a few of my favorites.  We were a little nervous that we might miss the opportunity and that Baby E would come before we did the shoot, but thankfully, we made it…

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Just call me Stephie Sparkles

I spent the past 2 days painting my living room (from off-white to bright white – I know, jump back!!), and I’m happy to say that I finished today!  This is a big deal for a gal like me (you know the type, always starting…

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Dave & Tara’s Family Photos

Recently, I got to take some family photos of my sister Tara and my brother-in-law Dave, and their family, and these are some of my favorites from the shoot.  Tara really wanted some casual photos of them in their home – doing things that they…

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Lately we’ve been.

//Guini wearing my leather jacket//the ceiling at the Denver Botanic Gardens//Gemma and an old iPhone//my sweet nephew Kai//my sister’s German Shepherd, Saber//

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Babies babies everywhere

Okay, okay it’s baby overload on the blog this week, but I have just one more baby-related post for ya.  You don’t mind do you?  I took a few quick photos of my nephew Kai on Friday when I babysat him all day.  That’s right…

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Baby Quinn’s Newborn Photos

You get to see TWO newborn baby posts this week – don’t you feel lucky?  My lovely friend Brittney had an adorable little boy this spring, and I got the honor of taking his newborn photos at their home.  Here are a few of my…

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