Weekend sounds

{Photo courtesy of my lovely friend, Elise}

This weekend was so full and so fun.  The lovely Churchill played 3 shows this weekend, and I went to 2 of them.  One in Colorado Springs and the other in Denver.  I brought my camera to both, and didn’t take one photo.  How lame is that?  I was just enjoying the music too much to be distracted by photos I guess.

Churchill puts on an AMAZING live show, if you ever have an opportunity to see them, don’t pass it up!

ALSO – the two bands that played with them Saturday night – Jay J Matott & and Arctic and You Me & Apollo were KILLER.  Check them out as well…I may even have to do some “Listening:” posts on them soon.  Good stuff.  I had forgotten how much I love going to shows.  Such a fun weekend.