Worth the wait

Stormie Dae just shared that she has an obsession with “feet photos”, so I thought I’d share one of mine.  Tee-Hee – this whole series of photos didn’t turn out quite right, but they’re fun to laugh at right?

On Friday Tristan and I went on a date to see Looper.  I was a tad bit (read:  a LOT) excited for this movie.  I first heard about it back in December 2009 when I went to see Nathan Johnson speak at YWAM.  He had described it as a “sci-fi thriller about time travel”, and he would be writing the music for the film.  His cousin Rian Johnson (remember our post about The Brothers Bloom?) was writing and directing the movie, but they didn’t know when it would be released, and yay – 3 short years later it came out!  :)  I liked this movie a lot – it was very intense, unique, dark, smart and thrilling.  I just love a good out-of-the-box movie.

What did you do this weekend?