Lately I have found myself watching silly ABC Family Christmas movies while I wrap presents at night.  For the most part, they are not very good – but they provide okay entertainment while I’m not really focused on them fully but on wrapping.

Last night I was scrolling through movies on Netflix instant play and when I saw the thumbnail for this movie.  I figured it was something akin to Get Over It or Hamlet 2 which I was not really in the mood for but I clicked on it anyway.  When I saw Martin Freeman was the main character, I decided to watch it.  Martin Freeman – enough said.

Martin’s character, Paul, is an elementary school teacher who has to direct the Nativity play against his will.  To get back at an old friend who is now more “successful” than he is, he promises that someone from Hollywood is coming to film their production (which is a lie).

{Love this face…really}

With the help of his insanely hilarious school aid, Mr. Poppy, they realize that the students are more talented than they first appeared and the planning of the production is so sweet (with some extra funny “auditions” from the cutest kids EVER).

There is even a little romance thrown in with Ashley Jensen from Extras (also something I would HIGHLY recommend).

Honestly, I cannot recommend this movie more – it was fantastic!  British movies are a weakness for me, but this was so funny, sweet and utterly lovely – I will probably be watching it again before the season is over.

Oh and this little one….this guy has my heart (when you watch the movie, you’ll see why).

Definitely a must-watch this Christmas season…and it’s on instant play, so you have no excuse not to!

Have a lovely, family-time filled weekend!