This post is special.  It marks a very important day in my life.  10 years ago today, I married Tristan.  And this…is a note about him.

I love him.  I know I’m supposed to end with that, but I can’t wait because it’s important.  I want him to know that I love him first and foremost.

I adore being married to Tristan.  Being in a couple with him is the biggest self-confidence boost ever.  Quite often, I fill up with lovely pride at the thought that I get to be married to him.  Me!  I have had the extreme fortune of being married to him my entire adult life, and that is a pretty amazing thing.

I hope that I will forever get to feel this way.  It’s hard to imagine it getting any better than it is right now.  I love that we drink hot tea together every night.  I love to wake up every morning and feel his arms tight around me.  I will never get tired of watching him perform and play music and continue to stare in awe at his genius and modesty (and secretly hope to be that good at anything one day).

Our kids will forever have a great Dad.  What a gift he has given them (and me).  When they are older, they will have distinct memories of their Dad playing Battleship with them, and teaching them to play instruments and bake homemade bread.  They will have memories of time with him.  He loves them and it shows.

He is my best kept secret.  I could list out all of the funny, wonderful, crazy things that he says and does everyday, but I won’t.  Those moments are mine and only mine.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else having a husband like him.  He makes me laugh every day.  He kisses me and tells me he loves me everyday.  He spends time with me, cooks for me, and is the best gift-giver ever.

He makes me feel so happy…and I love him.