My {Retroactive} Resolutions

Here’s the deal.  I don’t like making New Years Resolutions.  Why?  Because I usually only stick with them for a few weeks and then I completely forget I ever made them (sound familiar to anyone else?  No?  Okay, just me then.).  So this year, instead of promising to do a specific list of stuff, I will do whatever I feel like doing, and then brag that they were actually my resolutions all along (which is where the retroactive part comes in).  Okay well, I shouldn’t brag about it…but I might get a little braggy, but hey, everyone gets braggy about what they plan to do for their resolutions, so why can’t I when I have already done them?  These Retroactive Resolutions might be anything from a bedroom makeover (big), to teaching my doggy simple tricks (medium), to getting a bag of stuff together to donate (small).

So here are my first Retroactive Resolutions of 2013:

1)  Take photos of my kids {that I love}.  Done and done.  I had SO much fun taking these photos, and I would consider it to be a big project.  Yay me!

2)  Get prints of some favorite photos and display them.  This goes along with the first one, and was my small resolution since it took me less than 10 minutes to do.  I’m horrible about getting photos printed, and I would like to do it more, but even if I don’t, I’ve already done it!  Take that resolutions!  And I love that the photos are displayed on the fridge because I see them a million times a day.  And yes, I smile every time.

3)  Clean the fridge.  Guys, it was bad, and it really needed it.  And I’m not talking about throwing a few things out – I’m talking, every shelf and drawer was out on the floor, and every square inch of that thing was scrubbed and disinfected.  We’ll call this one medium/big because it took forever and was no fun.  That being said – I’m glad that I did it, glad that it’s over.  Until next year fridge….haha just kidding….sort of.

Alright, let’s hear your resolutions.  Retroactive or otherwise:)

Happy New Year!