Just the 5 of us

Last night we took our kids on a picnic.  The Colorado weather was gorgeous and we sat on a blanket and ate (lots of chocolate-covered strawberries) and got annoyed/scared of bugs.  Seriously, shouldn’t the bugs be gone by now?  We played frisbee and soccer and walked by the river.  I still find it so enjoyable to throw rocks in water…just like when I was a little girl.  My kids were throwing everything they could find in the water, and they also found a little frog hopping around:)

It was such a relaxing night together.  No schedule, no other people – just the 5 of us.  A Monday night might seem like a random time to go on a picnic, but I have been thinking about “family time” lately.  Now that Gavin and Guini are both in school all day, I’ve been feeling that I need to be more intent on spending quality time as a family in the evenings.  I don’t want their whole day to revolve around just school and homework ya know?  I really hope that we can have many more special nights like this one:)


Stephanie May*