John Truett tried to kill me

Halloween came and went in a blur!  I wanted to make the kids costumes again this year (see their’s from last year), but of course, I got a late late start to them, and didn’t like how they were turning out.  *sigh*  I was very disappointed in myself, but the kids enjoyed picking out costumes from their costume box instead.  Gavin had wanted to be a zombie SO badly this year, so he got his wish – Tristan even let him borrow his “The Walking Dead” t-shirt, and Gavin thought that was pretty awesome.  Guini decided to be Cinderella (she has the hair!), and Gemma was Sleeping Beauty.  Both of the girls wanted to do their own make-up, and it turned out very bold and bright!  Gemma put gobs of mascara on her eyebrows, and they both had purple eye shadow and thick red lipstick:)

We always go over to my parents house on Halloween for soup and trick-or-treating.  My mom makes deliscious broccoli cheese soup, and I had way way way too much!  There was a large group of us, and the 6 kids kept running in a pack to answer the door and pass out candy.  The kids got TONS of candy this year, and they are very good about sharing with me:)

How was your Halloween?