Everything I need to know I learned from my Kindergartener



Gemma is graduating Kindergarten today and turning 6 years old tomorrow!  It feels like the year just began, and it’s hard to believe that I will never have a Kindergartener (or a 5-year-old) again.  I honestly have mixed feelings about things like this – sad that it is over, but happy to be moving forward and watching my kids grow at an alarming rate:)

Gemma has been quite the social butterfly this year.  She is a natural at making friends, and considers most kids to be her very “best friends”.  She wants to include everyone in play time, jokes, and a game of tag, and always has a biggest smile when in the middle of a group of her peers.  She has been invited to countless parties and play dates this year, and every time she and her group of girl friends greet each other, they run and give big hugs and pick each other up off the floor.

Watching her ease with relationships has taught me a lot.  She’s never closed off, quiet, or hard to approach.  She accepts every kid as her friend before she really gets to know them.  She’s not suspicious or distrusting.  She just loves them.  Fully, with open arms, and without hesitation.  Oh, how I hope she never loses this.  And how I hope that more people (myself included) can find their way back to this again.

Stephanie May