Inspired words

There were 3 blog posts this week that stood out to me for different reasons.  Each was written by a distinct young woman.  They all live in different places and have unique outlooks on their very unique lives.  I wanted to share these 3 posts with you, because when you find something good, you want to pass it along:)

This insightful post by Elsie is so simple, yet completely poignant.  It’s about developing your “craft” or passion.  It really hit the mark for me.

Aura is so young, and so wise.  I have so been enjoying reading about her adventures as a new mom – this post about wasting time is very astute.

This story by Ashley Ann is astounding.  Completely shocking.  It brought me to tears, and even if you have never read her blog – start with this post.  Seriously, amazing.

Let me know what your thoughts are after you read the 3 of these:)


Stephanie May*