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Good morning lovelies!

We hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and aren’t regretting filling yourself to capacity.  We had a great time with our family and friends yesterday…and are SO looking forward to leftovers!  While Stephanie May went Black Friday shopping with our dad this morning at 4 AM(she is CRAZY….!) – I still had to be at work at 6:30.  Yes, feel sorry for me.

Today will actually be quite relaxing and I’ll be getting paid to work on my Christmas projects since there isn’t anything else to do.  So with my Starbucks coffee in hand – I decided to quickly browse through my photos from yesterday and show you a few…so I can get to my handmade Christmas loveliness.  As a follow-up to this post about Thanksgiving place cards…here is what I decided on(idea found here) – and made about 2 hours before everyone came over:

Lovely fabric bunting for the ladies and a sort of faux plaid-ish striped type thing for the boys.

Oliver wanted to get in on the fun too – doesn’t he look perfect with my stitched place card?

Yeah…I think they’re kind of cute…and they were super easy – always a plus.

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