Mama’s got a brand new table

On Saturday I went thrifting with Gemma and we brought home a new kitchen table!  I was actually looking for a patio table, but this one was a bit smaller than what we were hoping to find for our backyard, so I had to find somewhere else for it to go….obviously.

When I first saw it, it was super dirty and had dusty piles of junk stacked on top of it.  I glanced at it and continued on my way.  A few minutes later, I came back.  I cleared some of the stuff off and tried to be discreet so as not to draw attention to my find (you fellow thrifters know what I’m talking about).  I left again.

These legs brought me back a third time.  I fell in love with them – the design is so cool and modern and futuristic.  I went and got a tape measure from an employee and spent the next 10 minutes texting back and forth with Tristan about whether it would fit in the kitchen or not (I never trust my size-judgement while in a thrift store – things always look smaller).

The table was 2 inches longer than our current one, but 8 inches shorter in the width.  I was okay with that, because it seemed that our current table was always a little too bulky for our space.  I love the sleeker design of this one.

I know what you’re thinking – a WHITE table with THREE kids?!  Eee gad.  But believe it or not, it is SO much easier to clean than our wood table.  I can scrub it with a magic eraser and don’t have to worry about taking the finish off.  Brilliant.  Anything (and I do mean anything) that makes cleaning easier and faster for me is a must-have.  It’s just the truth.  Oh, and at only $14.99 how I could I possibly leave it behind?

You like?