Just be open, you’ll feel better.

Open shelving in kitchens is better than cherry pie – and I love cherry pie.  I’m actually not sure why I made that comparison, it just felt right at the time so I went with it.  Open shelving doesn’t only have to be a couple of boards laying across braces(although I do LOVE that look), people are also just taking off their cupboard doors to display their dishes.  As a person who spends most of their money on kitchen supplies, I am definitely a fan of showing it off and I don’t want to hide it behind a couple of sheets of wood.  Yes, keep the cabinet doors underneath to hide the really big pots and ugly flamingo bowls you got from Aunt Sally for your wedding and only pull out for the rare occasion that she drops into town, but otherwise – be proud of your dishes and let them shine!

For goodness sake, I know you want to see these pictures but what are you still doing here?  Go, take a screw driver or even just your bare hands and rip the doors off your cabinets right now!  You might even be able to make a cute table or a pair of wooden clogs with the scraps of wood.  Okay – maybe not the clogs, but something.   And seriously…don’t even get me started on this open pantry.  I’m salivating here.

(All photos from Houzz.com)