In-love Day

I am getting really excited for Valentine’s Day!  I have very sweet memories of this time of year in elementary school – a handmade box to hold all of my valentines from classmates, and hoping and wishing that the boy I had a huge crush on would write a special love note to me on his Bart Simpson card.  Alas, it never actually happened, but a girl could dream:)

These wood blocks are so pretty and such a unique idea!

Heart-shaped brownies.  Yum yum.

Such a sweet photo.

I just about keeled over in happiness when I saw these heart tea bags!  I love the felt hearts, and instantly had to make my own version:

I cut 2 hearts out of red felt, glued a small strip of velcro to each, and stuck the string of the tea bag through.  I did the velcro so that I could re-use the same heart again and again.  Why do I need to have my Earl Grey tea bag decorated for the 4 minutes it steeps?  Because it’s pretty and makes me happy!  I highly recommend making one for yourself.

What are your favorite childhood memories of Valentine’s Day?

(heart tattoo source)


Stephanie May*