I totally felt that!

This past Christmas, I decided to make it my goal to make at least one gift for every person in my family.  That is usually my goal every year, but this year I wanted to find time to make it a reality.  My sister, Tredessa, had asked for a cool hanging lamp for her  bedroom so when I stumbled across this DIY lamp on Design Sponge, I was ecstatic.  If you have never visited the Design Sponge website, you are missing out and you should head over there right AFTER reading my post:)

I bet you are wondering what these delicious lamps are made out of.  Well, I will tell you.  The base is a pendant lamp from Ikea which I had my wonderful friend, Mia, purchase for me in another state because we don’t have one here.  We will soon though!!  It is covered with….wait for it…..felt!  Working with felt is a lot more fun then I thought it would be and it can be shaped into pretty much anything you want.

I decided that I wanted to make the petal lampshade in white and this was the result:

Go here for the tutorial.  One tip that I will give from my experience making this lamp is NOT to use hot glue with the white felt.  You can actually buy felt glue and I would suggest using that if you use white felt for your projects.  It definitely dries a lot slower than hot glue but I unfortunately found out after I finished my lamp that hot glue turns white felt yellow.  As much as I love yellow, it’s not a good yellow and it only turned certain sections of the lamp that color.  Thankfully you can’t really tell when the lamp is on but I won’t make that mistake again in the future!  This lamp is stylish and inventive and it’s stinkin felt people…felt!

(Sculptural pendant lamps from Design Sponge)