Happy Trees

Happy Earth Day from me to you!  Since it’s earth day, take a peek at my new front porch plants…

I know the rule – don’t plant flowers until after Mother’s Day – but I couldn’t help myself.  My porch was looking so bare and lonely, which prompted me to take a little trip with my mom earlier this week to pick out some flowers.  Don’t worry, they are all cold weather flowers and they have been doing fantastic with the chilly nights.

I think my favorite part is that I went ahead and planted a few herbs and some lettuce to get my garden going – can’t wait to get out in the backyard and go crazy with vegetables!  I found this metal milk crate in South Dakota last Fall and since I moved into the new house, it has been sitting in my living room.  Everyday I would wonder what would look best in it…books, toys for the nieces and nephews, records?  It came to me all at once when I was talking to my mom about planting some things on the porch.  Wouldn’t it look absolutely gorgeous with two potted plants in it?! And I think it most definitely does.

Yummmmm, that cilantro is just begging to be thrown into some rice or a fresh summer salad – I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Stock is now one of my new favorite flowers.  They are so hearty and smell absolutely divine, plus they like the cold weather – major plus.

I’ve been keeping the plants up near the house for now because it’s still been really windy and I don’t want them to fall over or get whipped around by the nasty wind since they’re just getting established.  When I get some furniture and other things out there, I will figure out better places for them – which I will show you of course.

{Can you tell I have an obsession with photographing my herbs?}

Enjoy Earth Day and this Good Friday!!

Stormie Dae