DIY: Teacup candles

Hello friends!  Today seems like Monday to me because I spent the last two days sick at home – but I am thankful that it is indeed Wednesday and that this week is half over.  I have a very simple and fun DIY to share with you today, aren’t you excited?!  This is seriously one of the easiest things I’ve ever done and it would be great to have a few on hand for those friends you aren’t expecting to receive a Christmas gift from but – surprise!  you do – and you need a gift for in return.

What you’ll need:

1. Teacup or coffee mug

2. 2 taper candles for one candle(if you have some partially burned ones lying around, those will work too)

3. Pliers or tweezers

4. 2 skewers or pencils

5. Hot tea(this is just for you because it’s delicious, it has no real purpose in this tutorial)

6. Bowl of hot water and pan

Step 1: Pre-heat your teacup in a bowl of hot water.  This might not be completely necessary but I did it just to be safe since we will be pouring hot wax into it.  Dry thoroughly afterward.

Step 2: Melt both candles on high, make sure you watch them closely so they don’t burn – they will melt F.A.S.T.

Step 3: Remove the wicks with pliers(you will only be using one)

Step 4: Place the wick in the center of the teacup and hold there with skewers or pencils

Step 5: Pour the hot melted wax into the teacup – be very careful, the cup will be hot – I burned myself.  It hurt.

Step 6: Let dry…

Step 7: Cut wick down, you will have plenty of excess on top if you used a new candle to start.

See, wasn’t that super easy??  You’re welcome.