DIY: Doily Bowl

Hello lovelies!  Are you ready for another tutorial?  This one is super easy and cheap – plus it is something you can do in a hurry (it just takes a little drying time).

Doily bowls are so pretty and make such a great gift.

Here are your supplies needed:

Doilies (thrifted or handmade)

Fabric Stiffener (can be found at any craft store)

Large bowl to use as a form

Seran wrap

Paint Brush

Step 1: Wrap your bowl(s) in seran wrap to protect it from the glue

Step 2: Arrange your doily over the bowl (use a bowl big enough to hold the entire doily without extra hanging off)

Step 3: Apply a layer of fabric stiffener to the entire doily, coating well

Step 4: Allow to dry for about 12-24 hours (re-coating if there are sections not hardening)

Step 5: Remove the doily from the bowl and apply fabric stiffener to the inside of the bowl

Step 6: Allow to dry completely

Enjoy for yourself or wrap carefully(maybe using some handmade washi tape?) and gift it to your favorite person.

You have a few days before Christmas, get on it!