Cleaning up and clearing out

stephanie may

The spring cleaning bug has hit me already.  Ever since Christmas, I have been getting a little irritated with the amount of “stuff” around the house.  Books, clothes, toys, kitchen tools and gadgets, and all of the wonderful crap that accumulates in every nook and cranny.  I’ve always been a bit of a DIY hoarder (“oh I need to keep this old sheet with the hole in it for that wrap skirt idea”) like, maybe I will regret getting rid of something that could be useful down the road (and not surprisingly, the regret hardly ever happens).


Part of it could be the fact that I go thrifting almost every week, and it’s hard for me to leave cute vintage pieces at the store – especially if they are cheap.  Then, I bring them home and I don’t really have a place to put them.  Now, before you call the producers at Hoarders on me, lately, I’ve been trying to veer away from the collecting habit by (silently) chanting to myself as I walk the thrift aisles – “Don’t buy anything you don’t need.  Don’t buy anything you don’t need.”  I’m proud to say that, although I probably look a little crazy to everyone around me as I shop, I’ve been doing much better with leaving items behind, and my closet space is benefiting.


I’m hoping to get better and better at this, but I need help!  What are your favorite clearing out/de-cluttering tips?

Stephanie May*