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The roomie officially moved out her stuff last night.

No hard feelings here, she just got married (yay!).

For the past few months, through the engagement period, I have been thinking about what to do in this extra room I now have.  The plan is to turn it into an office/MayDae work room.  Currently, everything from our Etsy shop is housed in my basement on shelves but we will be moving it all upstairs into the closet and may even do some fun displays in the office just because we have some really pretty items.

For some inspiration, these are my current favorite office areas:

This is the photograph that convinced me to paint my floors white.  The original plan was to paint the floors throughout my entire house white, but now I may just keep that to the office area – tbd.  I have this exact desk – love.

All images are via Pinterest in my “Be Productive” board.  You can also follow Stephanie May on Pinterest if you haven’t already – she, of course, has some fantastic stuff!