An Ikea Christmas

Hello lovelies!  Last week I was so ahead of the game that I finished all 3 blog posts for the week on Monday so I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever!  I actually almost forgot today was my day.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones – I know I did!  My family is SO generous and creative with gifts (see last year’s gifts) – we always have amazing Christmas morning celebrations.  This year, because our sister just got married a month ago (we just got the official photos back btw, so hopefully we will post more soon!), we all decided to scale back on gifts and handmade specifically because of the time factor.  “Scale back” in our family is still pretty over-the-top in most cases though – always a fun bunch:-)  I did still receive some amazing handmade and vintage gifts from my family – everything was so thoughtful and perfect.

With my sister having just moved out, there were a few things for the house that I was in need of – things she took with her.  For the most part, the small email I sent my mom for a Christmas list were those necessities, but there were a few “want” items also on the list – which ended up being Ikea items among a few other things.  So in addition to all of the other WONDERFUL gifts I received from my lovely family, I also went home with a few amazing items from Ikea.

The day after Christmas, because I didn’t have to work, 3 of my sisters and I decided to brave the crowds and go to Ikea as well.  We had been talking about making a trip down there for the last few months, so it seemed like a good time to do it.  Let’s just say, I made out with a lot of great items that day…

{Stockholm cushion, Frajen towel, Hessum doormat}

{Melodi pendant lamp, Foto pendant lamp}

{Ursula throw}

{Asker container, Skurar pot, Crassula plant, PS Vallo watering can, Kardemumma pots}

{Vilmie Rund throw}

My house currently looks like Ikea exploded inside of it – and I’m perfectly okay with that.  In addition to these things (some of which were gifts) I bought a few shelves for my kitchen and new walk-in pantry (more on that later) and I also finally have the legs to add to my table top so I can make this desk…yes!  I’m sure I am forgetting other small items like a design book and magnets, more plants and hanging racks, but you get the point – this Christmas is being deemed “An Ikea Christmas”.

I still have other, larger items on my “want” list from Ikea – but I will let these other things settle in first before loading up again.