367 days

aka 1 year & 2 days.

Saturday the 24th marked 1 year since I signed the paperwork to purchase my first home (eeeeeep!).  Monday the 26th was 1 year from the day my sister and I moved in (she got married 4 months ago so obviously no longer lives with me).

Honestly, I know everyone probably says this – but in some ways I can’t believe I’ve been in my house for a year.  In other ways, it TOTALLY seems like I’ve been there longer.

{crazy piles of packing at my parents house}

There was new carpet at the house – so of course the first thing I did was rip it out (gotta love those hardwood floors).  Notice the awesome piece of laminate on the bottom right that we found in the spare room.  It has since been moved into the living room but I’m thinking of relocating it again soon.

The wood cabinets were desperate for some help – and I could tell they wanted to be white.

Ta-da!  SOOO much better…now just to fix those dang nasty floors.

It took a good 3-4 days to clean all the dishes I’ve been hoarding for the last few years.

My brothers are fantastic movers.  The fridge wouldn’t fit through my narrow doorways without being lifted over the counter…so professional.

Lots of pizza was had.

All the sibs tried out my new bed.

And just to prove that I was actually present for all of the above…

List of firsts:

First keys to the house here.

First cup of coffee in the house and first niece and nephew sleepover here.

First Spring flowers here.

First peek at my kitchen nook (remodel coming soon) here.

First porch garden here.

First tattoo in the house (there have been 3 so far) here.

First blackout here.

First raspberries from the garden here.

First major renovation project (which is still unfinished) here.

First tool box from my dad here.

First dog here.

First room tour (bedroom) here.

First Christmas in the house here.

Happy birthday house – I love you more today than I did 1 year & 2 days ago.