So I thought I’d get a little messy

I am admittedly being lazy today with this post because of my birthday yesterday and the fact that my beloved cousin is in town for a few days so please forgive.  Something on my mind lately that I can share is how messy my room is right now.  Or always is.  I like to think that it’s because of my artistic side and that it’s not messy, just organized chaos.  These rooms may look cluttered, but I think they are lovely:

My clothes are currently piled high on my antique sewing machine, waiting to be folded…but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with clothes not being hung:

Comfy, no?

It’s okay….you can think I’m weird.  And lazy.  All that matters is that I know where everything is in my abyss of clutter.  Eventually(maybe in a week or so) I will get tired of the clutter and clean it, but until then I am enjoying my time spent doing other things than cleaning.

(Cluttered rooms from Apartment Therapy and Saving advice, Self portrait from The Black Apple, Clothes pile from This Girl Sylvia)