Happy Birthday Honey Buns!

Hi! This is Stephanie’s husband Tristan writing. You may remember me from such blog posts as Off we go and Our Family Christmas Card. Today is a Choose Your Own Adventure style blog. First up is the blog title. Please choose one:

  1. Happy 30th Birthday Stephanie!
  2. 30 Reasons Tristan Loves Stephanie
  3. 30 Reasons Why I Want to be Like Stephanie May
  4. A Really Long List of Things That I’ll Just Kind of Skim Through to Get the Gist of it.

OK, great. Now that you have chosen a title we can get on to the list. Below is a list of the first thirty attributes I could think of about her. Prepare to be amazed by Stephanie’s greatness.

  1. Style:
    We all know Stephanie has great style. It encompasses everything that she does. From clothes to hair to our house everything screams ‘Stephanie’. Sometimes things are big and bold – while other times her restraint says it all.
  2. Quality Time:
    When you are spending time with Steph you get quality time. Time to talk, listen, laugh, share. I’ll take more of that please.
  3. Her Voice:
    I get the honor to hear Steph sing nearly everyday. Whether it is Party Rock Anthem with the kids or something a bit more hip she is nearly always singing something. I’ve been blessed to have had people tell me I’m talented on a few musical instruments but there are days I would trade all that to be able to sing like Stephanie May.
  4. Being a Mom:
    Stephanie is a great mom to our kids. Not just because she cooks for them or cleans up after them. Not because she does hours of homework, volunteering at school, and field trips. Steph is an amazing mom because she is intentional about making memories with our kids. Our kids will have deep, sweet, and even goofy memories that involve family-time and picnics, nail polish and cuddles in bed. If all kids could be so lucky.
  5. Kisser:
    She’ll knock your Birkin-Crocs off.
    Birkin-Crocs: A horrible invention of mine crossing a Birkinstock with a Croc. I will be a trillionaire.
  6. Depth of Music:
    If you want to know what the cool kids are listening to these days ask Stephanie. And by cool I don’t mean the tater-tot with the Bieber haircut and Wal-Mart skateboard. I mean the real cool kids – like I was (*cough cough*). If you want great music long before it hits the mainstream just ask Stephanie.
  7. Her Eyes:
    Just beautiful.
  8. Sense of Humor:
    She finds funny things funny. This may seem obvious but I think sometimes the definitions we put on ourselves (parent, Christian, etc) can steal our humor from us. I love laughing with her.
  9. Work Ethic:
    I don’t know many people that work harder. This blog, MayDae and Fibbie on ETSY, kids, school, home, everything. She doesn’t sit around wishing to do the things she loves. She gets up and does them.
  10. Joyful:
    Whether it the joy of thrifting a great find or laughing uncontrollably at Wipeout with the kids, Stephanie’s joy is contagious.
  11. Servant:
    She’s an airport driver, dog letter-outter, clothing swap organizer, homeroom helper.
  12. Everybody Likes Her:
    Yes, Stephanie is popular. I mean like, Kelly Kapowski popular (yes, the kids are watch SBTB as I write this). The number of invites she gets to coffee is astounding. The number of people who look up to her is exponential.
  13. She is Beautiful:
    She’s beautiful in jeans and she’s beautiful in jammies. She’s stunning when she gets dressed up for a date. Men working at thrift stores across Denver comment on her beauty. But she is mine.
  14. Ummm, Awkward…
    Certain parts of her body are amazing. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.
  15. Smarty Pants:
    Stephanie can be shown just about anything once and get it (and remember it). From WordPress to Adobe Lightroom she can tackle anything.
  16. Optimistic:
    With Steph there is always an up side. She’ll do whatever it takes to fix the downside but she will never let it be her focus.
  17. She’s Ticklish:
    I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t ticklish. It’s so much fun.
  18. Low Maintenance:
    I never knew to look for this quality in a woman. I struck gold.
  19. Her Respect for Me:
    I know with out a doubt that Stephanie has never spoken ill of me to another wife, mom, or a friend. Even when others (joking) speak of their mate’s flaws Stephanie always paints me (undeserved) as a great husband.
  20. Creativity:
    While it goes hand-in-hand with style creativity is a very different asset. Creativity is going beyond the Pintrests of the world and digging deep into yourself to make something true to who you are. It can be a scary process to bear your soul like that. It takes a lot of…
  21. Courage:
    It takes a lot of courage to start businesses, blogs and creative endeavors. Yes, she does get scared at times but I don’t think it has ever stopped her. Not sure I can same the same.
  22. Encourager:
    Luckily, when I lack the courage to put my creative self out there Stephanie is always there cheering me on.
  23. Humility:
    Wow, this list really shows how amazing Stephanie is right!? I’m sure she’s doing a lot of cringing and ‘Oh Golly’-ing as she reads this. Yes, Stephanie lives inside an Archie comic.
  24. Her Smile:
    The. Best. Ever.
  25. Equal Marriage Partnership:
    She doesn’t leave the ‘guy’ stuff to me. If the lawn needs mowed she’ll mow it. If the fuel pump is dead, she’ll help change it. She is rad.
  26. She loves Christmas:
    This is something I am still learning. I like Christmas. I really like Christmas. Stephanie showed me that I didn’t LOVE Christmas. She’s a sexy Buddy The Elf. Our kids experience Christmas like none-other. And I mean CHRISTMAS, not PRESENTS.
  27. Homework:
    Stephanie is awesome at it. She’ll disagree and say she doesn’t have the patience. Gavin doesn’t get A pluses on spelling tests with words like photosynthesis because his mom doesn’t have patience for homework.
  28. Cuddler:
    She’s a natural.
  29. All the Small Things:
    We live a pretty simple life. I wish I could give Stephanie everything. She hasn’t really asked for anything. Some men are not so lucky.
  30. She’s Mine:
    No matter what.

OK, wow.

Thanks for making it this far. The next step of this amazing Choose Your Own Adventure blog is the below video. Steph has been asking me for ages to convert our engagement video from VHS to digital and add a sound-track. I couldn’t decide on a song so you get to choose from the list below the video. There are some new songs and old ones. The Jimmy Eat World tune is from our wedding and holds a special place. Other songs just remind of Steph. Do you have your own suggestion for a song? Let us know in the comments!

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