Tid bits

Now that my 2 oldest are in school all day, it is just my 4-year-old at home with Tristan and I.  In the afternoons, she is encouraged (or required) to have “quiet time” where she can watch a tv show, read a book, or play quietly with her toys.  It gives me good time to catch up on my favorite blogs, and maybe even write one myself:)  Yesterday  while reading said blogs, I treated myself to some delicious cranberry orange scones and a cup of Lady Grey tea.

And during that time, Gemma was in the living room – just relaxing and being extra-quiet:)  I sure do love having her all to myself….and I love afternoons like this one.


It finally happened.  I couldn’t take it anymore – some of you told me to hold out and that it would be worth it.  Today, I went for it.

And I’m SO happy to have my bangs back:)  I missed them.


Stephanie May*

P.S.- Tristan, Stormie and I are going to see Eisley tomorrow night in Denver.  I’m a tad excited.  (!!!!)