Listening: The Horse Latitudes

I saw Bonnie Gregory at a Christmas concert this past December and could not get over how much I loved her hair.  She is the sister of a good family friend (of whom I may or may not have annoyed with talking about said sister’s hair…endlessly).  Even a few days later, I said to one of my sister’s, “Did you see Gwen’s sister at the concert?  I LOVE her hair!”

I was then told about The Horse Latitudes – and I have been hooked.

According to her website, “Bonnie Gregory aka The Horse Latitudes is a landlocked sailor writing love songs to the sea. Her music, best described as “seafolk”, is inspired by personal shipwrecks, sea turtles in the morning and other basic longings.”  You’re curious already, right?

Her voice is so lovely and with it being only her and an acoustic guitar, there is not a lot of fuss – just pure, raw beauty.

This is my current favorite song of hers.  I have watched this video a lot…it might be because the first line is, “I can tell you’ve been home, by the smell of coffee”…or maybe it’s just a gorgeous song – but the coffee thing can’t hurt.

Another great song and a beautiful video.  I love how simple the videos are – they let the music speak for itself.

The hair people…the hair.

You can check out more of her music on Bandcamp….and you should.