It’s the simple things

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I get bored with my hair very easily.  That doesn’t apply only to color, but to styles.  I get into ruts where I just do the same things with my hair over and over again and never take time to change it up.  Something SUPER simple but so pretty that I keep seeing around is the headband tuck – I’m pretty sure this will make it’s way into my hair style rotation on a regular basis.

I love how messy and carefree this looks. {Source}

You can find a very cute video tutorial on how to accomplish this here.

Today I did a ballerina bun which is just a fancy way of saying that my hair is loosely French braided up the back (which is not completely visible in the photo) before I put in my usual top knot.  Just a little tip – your top knot isn’t high enough unless you hit it on your car ceiling EVERY time you get out of your car.  You’re welcome.

Help a sista out – what are some easy hair styles you like to do or tutorials you’ve seen?