Happy Intimate Companion Day

Tristan and I have a tradition every Valentine’s Day.  We don’t stand in movie theater lines, or sit 1.5 feet away from a strange couple at an over-priced restaurant. We don’t exchange stuffed animals, candles, or boxed chocolates.  We stay home. We make dinner or get take-out, eat at our kitchen table, and watch a movie.  We’ve done this every year since 2003, and it’s one of my favorite times with him.  We don’t have this tradition because we hate Valentine’s Day – quite the contrary – I love it!  I think it is a really special and exciting holiday (with a romantic history), and I really dislike how it has become….impersonal in a lot of ways.  Wikipedia describes Valentine’s Day as being a celebration of “love and affection between intimate companions”.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that V-day is celebrated in this way for most people – there’s pressure to find a date, wear a hot outfit, and spend lots of money on gifts.  It has turned it into another one of “those” holidays.  And I don’t like that.  I wish Valentine’s Day was about the expression of love between intimate companions, and only that.

That’s the end of my speech.  What are your thoughts on V-day?  Meanwhile, a few random thoughts and hearts:

I am very grateful for my intimate companion, and that he loves me a lot.  This I know.

Here’s me wearing my puffed heart necklace.  I’m considering changing the color of my hair soon, but I’m happy to have it red for V-day.  It’s just fun.

Stormie Dae bought me this AMAZING art print “Make Out City” by Near Modern Disaster, and of course I LOVE it because of the redredred hair.  Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect time to do a little recreation with him:

It’s a good reminder to take a little day trip to Make Out City with your intimate companion….everyday.


Stephanie May*