DIY: Hot Rollers

I started using hot rollers a few months ago, and I LOVE them.  They are so easy to use, and they make my hair shiny and bouncy which I need (and want).

Step 1 – Plug in your rollers.  Mine take 10 minutes to completely heat up (there is a little heat sensor on top of mine that tell me when they are ready).

Step 2 –  Make sure your hair is freshly washed, completely dried, and de-tangled.  Some people say that you can leave your hair a little damp, but I prefer not too because the curls don’t stay in as well for me.

Step 3 – Section off a piece of hair and wrap the hair around the roller.  You can wrap “up” or “down” – I chose down.  Clip it with the provided clip or pin.

Continue doing this until all of the hair is wrapped.

Step 4 – Wait.  This is a great time to do your makeup, drink some coffee, or check your email:)

The time needed depends on how curly you want your hair.  5 minutes will produce loose waves, and 20 minutes will produce tight curls.  This time, I left the rollers in for 12 minutes.

Step 5 – The fun part!  Take out the rollers.  *Never “pull” the rollers out – gently unroll them to keep the shape of the curl.

Step 6 – Lightly brush or run your fingers through the curls (I used my fingers).  If you want to use some hairspray or other product you can.  I used John Frieda Lift Foam in mine (I love the smell!).

And your done!  This hairstyle is ridiculously easy, and I’m always happy with the way they turn out:)  In case you are wondering, I use these hot rollers.  I bought them at Target, and was a little afraid of the quality, but they work great.

I hope that you liked my little tutorial!