This is bad.

Very very bad.  I am dreaming about sweet Christmas treats at 6:30 in the morning.  Other than the fact that it is always appropriate to think about baked goods – the reason for my thoughts this morning is that our Christmas baking day is coming up on Sunday.  This will be the day that our mom, sisters and older nieces will get together to fill the house with laughter and sweet aromas all afternoon.  We then let all of “the boys” come over for dinner and to divvy up the goodness we spent all day slaving over.  I love it.  I am a baker at heart and it is one of my favorite things to do.

We each have specific items that we want every year and everyone has kind of fallen into their part of the baking puzzle.  Here are some of the treats we traditionally make in our family and that I am looking forward to this year:

My mom makes the best raspberry ribbons…ever.  {Source}

These cookies look amazing and every year it is my goal to make the most beautiful snowflake sugar cookies…ask me how many years I’ve followed through with that.  {Source}

Always a must.  {Source}

Peanut butter balls are a family favorite…and I think we need to make this many.  At least.  {Source}

Peppermint anything is oh-so-fantastic.  {Source}

For whatever reason, this has become a yearly treat for me…I love these.  {Source}

Mexican wedding cakes are something I used to make every year when I was little but for whatever reason they have fallen off our list for the last few years.  I plan to bring them back this year, they are one of my favorites.  {Source}

Peanut brittle is always the friend who you aren’t sure will actually show up to the party…right Stephanie May? ;) {Source}

And these are not something I have ever made before but I will adding them this year because they are so flippin’ fantastic!  Maybe for some Christmas Eve fun?  Seriously…have you seen anything cuter than this in your life?  I didn’t think so!  {Source}

And now that I have us all salivating…