It was a dark and stormy night

Two of my favorite things….Gavin(the nephew) and Starbucks.  I took Gav out for his birthday this past weekend(yes, I was a month late) and he was super excited to go to Starbucks..easy to please, just what I like! :)  He also kinda has the coolest mom ever, who let him have caffeine with me at 6 in the evening…I wonder how the rest of that night turned out…Steph?

How much is that doggy in the window?  A stray dog decided to watch us drink our coffee, it has good taste too.

We’ve been having some CRAZY storms in Colorado the last few weeks.  This week it has been every afternoon – which is good in a way because it means I don’t have to water my lawn.  Last night though was beyond crazy…it was loud and bright, it came in quick and it stayed for a long time.  My sister and I were just starting to watch a show and the lights flickered to go along with some insanely loud thunder.  I grabbed our flashlights and 1 minute later, the power went out…and stayed out.

We lit candles and I grabbed the marshmallows and Oreos(which were too old to eat unfortunately) and we took turns playing solitaire on the computer.  No power means no internet connection, which was a huge bummer when I realized that.  We joked about it being a romantic feeling night and that we wished we weren’t spending it with our sister.  Yeah, we love eachother that much;)  It started out as a fun adventure…our first power outage in the new house, but it soon grew to be rather boring.  I couldn’t use my phone to do anything because we didn’t know when the power would be back on and if it came down to it, my phone was the only thing that would wake me up for work this morning so I couldn’t drain the battery.

After a few rounds of trying to throw marshmallows into eachother’s mouths(most of which ended up on the floor), we decided to go to bed and hope that the power came on during the night.  We turned the flashlights on while we blew out all of the candles which prompted a comment from my sister to the effect of, “It’s not romantic anymore, it just looks like we’re robbing the place.”  Good times.

In any case, the power was still out this morning – we’ve moved everything from our fridge to the parentals house and I’m hoping things are back in working order when I get home tonight.  Do you have a favorite activity to do when the power goes out?  I’m trying to prepare for next time…

Stormie Dae