Amelie & her lolli

A few weeks ago I took photos of my kids and nieces and nephews for a Christmas project that I was working on.  I promised each of the kids a big blue lollipop if they would smile real pretty and listen to mommy/aunt Stephie.  My 2-year-old niece Amelie patiently gave the obligatory “cheese” for each click before asking, “is lolli time?”.

Finally, the photos were taken and she was the first in line to claim her prize, then settled amongst the trees to enjoy her lolli.  “Mom, mom!”  my kids cried,  “Look how Amelie is posed!  It’s sooooo cute!”  They insisted that I hurry and take photos of her before she moved a muscle.  But it wasn’t a problem because she stood this way for a good 5 minutes ignoring all of us and leisurely savoring her sticky treat.

{And yes, she was a blue, syrupy mess when her daddy picked her up.  It was delightful.}