2nd Whole 30 update

I totally didn’t mean to go this long between posts, but I’ve been a bit busy the last week or so.  As I told you, Tristan and I started our 2nd Whole 30 on January 8th, and we are currently on Day 10!  We have over 30 people doing it with us, and I’ve loved having the group dynamic this time around.  The people that we are doing it with are seriously cool, and some of them I haven’t actually met in person, which is crazy fun.  I created a closed group on Facebook so that we can all post recipes, questions, and encouragement for each other – I love that!  And I love that only group members can see what we’re up to in there – we’re baring our very souls…and talkin’ Whole 30 food;)

There is definitely a big difference doing the W30 this time around.  We got over the initial symptoms of detox in just the first 3 days – last time it took us weeks to start feeling normal again, so I am super jazzed about that.  As I said before, Tristan and I are not doing another Whole 30 to lose more weight – we are both feeling pretty good with where we are (since June 4th 2013, he’s lost 31 lbs, and I’ve lost 54 lbs), and we don’t feel the need to lose weight just for the sake of smaller pants.  We ARE doing another W30 for the discipline and to help us to stay strong on our paleo journey.  So far so good:)

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And here’s a random selfie that I took in my sister’s bedroom at my nephew’s bday party last weekend.  So there’s that.