The big 29

This Saturday is my 29th birthday.  In some ways, I feel that this is a bigger birthday than 30 will be.  One more year to live as a “young” person.  HAHAHA – totally joking!  I actually LOVE my birthday, and I am really really excited for this weekend.  Tristan is currently picking up my birthday present right now, so I will share that with you when I find out what it is!  He seriously gives me the BEST gifts every year (read about last year’s gift), and I am usually feeling depressed on his b-day when I give him his gift that doesn’t measure up.  Some of my favorite b-day inspiration for this 29th year:



When you get older, you rarely get your full number of candles on your cake…I say, set it ablaze. {source}

Gorgeous morning b-day surprise from Stephen to Shauna.  So sweet.  {source}

What has been your all-time favorite b-day gift/surprise from someone you love?


Stephanie May*