Stop, collaborate and listen

Iceland is cool.  I am not talking about the climate, I am talking…everything about it is ridiculously awesome.  Over the last few years I have developed a slight crush(read – obsession) with anything Iceland.  The music, the language, the weather(I am a cool weather kind of girl), the scenery, etc.  A few years back I stumbled upon an Icelandic design website and have not been able to live my life without it since that time.  What I love most about it is that it combines the works of many different artists and designers, displaying all sorts of styles.

I love what these people do with their ceramics, brilliant.

I daydream about owning these raven coat hangers and where I would put them in my house

Cabinet and door handles on ceramic cups.  What?!  Yes.

Not only can you find housewares, paintings, children’s toys and blankets but they also have a fashion collection that will make you salivate.

This tie is made from knitted wool

This leather necklace has a zipper in the back so you can carry your wallet or keys around your neck

There are no words to describe the feeling I get everytime I look at this bag. It sends tingles down my spine and I just want to lay my cheek on it’s soft and gorgeous ruffles.  This bag wants me and I sure do want it.


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