I saw this photo of Meredith Khan on TheGlow yesterday and instantly fell in love with her style – particularly, this shredded jersey shirt from designer Raquel Allegra.  From there, it’s all been a downhill slide into shredded jersey land.

This shirt is available to purchase from The House of Four.

Commeonveut on Etsy has great shredded pieces.  I especially love this cardigan.

This entire look wants to come home with me – I’m sure of it. {Source}

Yes. {Source}

There are tons of tutorials online of how to shred jersey – I will definitely be trying it, possibly even this weekend.  You know…because I will probably be snowed in…

Yep – that’s my car this morning.  Stuck after I slid off the road.  I had to call a couple of my co-workers (the best people EVER) to come help me push it out.  There was also a very kind man in a truck who stopped – he was a gem.

Have a safe weekend!