I have a secret…or two, or three.  Or really just a few things I feel like sharing with you today:

1. I am home sick from work today.

2. My first Project ReStyle will be posted on Friday…so excited and hope it turns out! (You can see Stephanie May’s first ReStyle here…so cute!)

3. I bought a new pair of shoes on Sunday to add to my vast collection(just couldn’t help myself) – don’t worry, I had a giftcard. {Shoes from Forever 21}

4. And the most exciting thing of all – Stephanie May and I have been going the last couple of Friday’s during our MayDae work time to look at houses…for me to buy!  Yep, it’s so exciting – I am looking to buy a house and the process is so much fun!  I can’t wait until I find one that fits me perfectly, and then our blog will probably be crammed with DIY projects and house photos for a long while:)

So those are my “secrets” for today…do you have any fun secrets to share???

Love love!

Stormie Dae*