Panqueques is born.

Stormie, aka “Dae”, aka my sister, aka “Panqueques”, is very inspirational.  She has a wonderful style, a unique outlook on fashion, and a never ending closet that she sometimes let’s me borrow from.  She is my Starbucks buddy, partner in crime, car pusher at 11:00 p.m., cheesy teen drama watcher, and thrift store hound.  She can be extremely sarcastic, extremely generous, and extremely brilliant on any given day.

Follow me as I take you down the exciting road of Stormie’s different looks:

Day look:

This is Stormie most of the time – colorful, comfortable, current, caffeinated.

Night look:

Ruffles, trashed and treasured, hard and soft.

Home look:

If Stormie has a rare night in, you will find her with her Power Book, eating Chinese food, and listening to Sigur Ros.

Kitchen look:

Why should she have a kitchen look you ask?  Because Stormie loves the kitchen, and will spend half of her salary this year buying Anthropologie latte bowls, and a mortar and pestle big enough to swim in.  Vintage aprons, blueberry pie, and a plethora of cake stands are always on hand.

See?  Fun, inspirational, and exciting.

Happy Birthday Panqueques.