Native American love

Have you seen it?  Do you notice the trend?  I hope so…because it’s large.

I wanted to take a break from Christmas talk for today and show you my new shoes.  Yes, it’s all about me.  I found these at the Arc thrift store for $3….and I adore them!

I know, you’re totally jealous…it’s okay – I would be too.  I am really loving this trend right now – the colors, patterns, and plain old fun of it.  Swooning over these:

This gorgeous dress by Mociun

The cutest little dreamcatcher around from Red Velvet Art

Colorful painted sticks by Ginette Lapalme

Elsie’s cute feathers

This fantastic Heritage1981 cardigan {photo from}

Just thought you might like to see them again:)

I am so excited for Christmas and so close to finishing all of my projects I can taste it!  Happy Wednesday lovelies!


Stormie Dae